We are Transparency International U.S. (TI U.S.), part of the world’s largest coalition against corruption. We give voices to victims and witnesses of corruption, and work with governments, businesses, and citizens to stop the abuse of entrusted power. 

In collaboration with national chapters in more than 100 countries, we are leading the fight to turn our vision of a world free from corruption into reality. Our U.S. office focuses on stemming the harms caused by illicit finance, strengthening political integrity, and promoting a positive U.S. role in global anti-corruption initiatives. Through a combination of research, advocacy, and policy, we engage with stakeholders to increase public understanding of corruption and hold institutions and individuals accountable.  


Gary Kalman

Gary Kalman is the Executive Director of TI U.S.. He oversees the organization’s US operations focusing on illicit finance and the US role in global anti-corruption efforts. He was a founding member the Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT) Coalition, a nonpartisan alliance promoting policies to combat the harmful impacts of corrupt financial practices, and served as Executive Director from 2016 to 2019. He was also a founder of Americans for Financial Reform, a coalition that, in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, led the successful fight for the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill. Shortly after coming to Washington, he directed the federal legislative office for the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG). While at U.S. PIRG, he was a leading voice for congressional ethics and lobbying reform having sat on a bipartisan task force convened by the Speaker of the House. He has testified before Congress on numerous occasions on financial accountability. He is a regular speaker and commentator on anti-corruption and transparency issues at conferences and events around the world. His comments and work have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, and on National Public Radio, Fox News and MSNBC, among other outlets.

Scott Greytak

Scott Greytak is the Director of Advocacy of TI U.S., where he manages the office’s legislative agenda and oversees its Anticorruption Legislation Lab.

Greytak is a democracy attorney who has helped lead legislative, legal, and ballot-measure initiatives on campaign finance, voting, foreign influence, ethics, and fair representation. He comes to TI from the U.S.’s domestic anticorruption community, where he helped pass over 20 state and local anticorruption reforms as Senior Counsel for RepresentUs, designed legal challenges to cases such as Citizens United v. FEC as Counsel for a boutique litigation firm, and authored the leading report on judicial corruption in the U.S. as Senior Policy Counsel for Justice at Stake.

Greytak received his JD and BA from Ohio State University and is admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia and Ohio.

Annalise Burkhart

Annalise Burkhart is TI U.S.’s Program and Research Associate. She oversees digital outreach for advocacy campaigns and assists with press visibility, in addition to managing the day-to-day logistics of the office.

Prior to joining TI, Burkhart focused on public record investigations through digital research and Freedom of Information Act access. A vocal transparency advocate, she lived and worked in Beirut, Lebanon, conducting research into corruption in the country’s security industry. Previously, she held an internship in the office of Congressman Steve Cohen, where she focused on judiciary issues. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Burkhart received her B.A. in political science.



Transparency International consists of more than 100 chapters – locally established, independent organizations – that fight corruption in their respective countries.

From small bribes to large-scale looting, corruption differs from country to country. Our chapters are staffed with local experts who determine the priorities and approaches that are best suited to tackling corruption in their countries. This work ranges from engaging marginalized stakeholders to providing free legal support to advising governments on policy reform.


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